Quest Flight Training

Quest Flight Training Limited has been under contract since July 2000 for a PFI programme valued at over £60M from the UK Ministry of Defence for the provision of the E-3D Sentry Aircrew Training Service (SATS) at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire for a minimum period of 25 years with a potential extension to 30 years.

Quest has been specifically set up for this programme and is a 50/50 joint venture company owned by Quadrant Group and Rockwell Collins Inc. The programme is being managed within the Defence Procurement Agency by the Flight Simulation and Synthetic Trainers (FsAST) Integrated Project Team. Quest delivered a major upgrade to the existing E-3D Dynamic Simulator at RAF Waddington in October 2001 after which the full SATS Training Service commenced.

  • Quadrant Group joint venture providing the E-3D Sentry aircrew training service
  • Ownership, operation and maintenance of E-3D flight simulator
  • Provision of building modifications & facilities maintenance
  • Provision & operation of a training management information system
  • Supply of courseware for the instructors & students

Quote taken from the Ministry of Defence Press Release

"The build phase of the project was completed three months ahead of the Defence Procurement Agency's (DPA) schedule. The Training Service is now fully underway, with high performance measured and compliments recorded by the RAF. The E-3D project is estimated by the DPA to have saved the taxpayer 29% over the cost of a conventional procurement, as well as providing improved performance and quality levels"